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Please only use Internet Explorer (IE) to take eLMS courses (unless instructed otherwise) and ensure that your zoom is set to 100%. If you have trouble while using IE, then this is likely a desktop configuration issue.

First try clearing your cache to see if that helps.

1. In the upper right corner, click the small gear icon (to the right of the star icon) and choose Internet Options
2. On the General tab, under Browsing history, click Delete.
3. Un-check the Preserve Favorites website data box.
4. Check the Temporary Internet files and Cookies boxes.
5. The rest can be left unchecked.
6. Click Delete.
7. Click Ok.
8. Restart Internet Explorer

* If clearing your cache does not help, please contact the FAA My IT Help Desk for resolution. They will be able to compare your current desktop configuration to what is required to run eLMS properly.

Phone: 1-844-FAA-MYIT (322-6948)

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