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Temporary user accounts can be created ONLY for people who have mission critical training they need to complete prior to getting access to their eLMS account.  Please have your manager email the request to the line of business (LOB) primary level 1 (PL1) administrator.  A list of LOB PL1s can be found at https://ksn2.faa.gov/faa/learn/elmsresourcecenter/Documents/eLMS%20Primary%20and%20Backup%20Level%201%20Administrators.pdf

The LOB PL1 checks the checkbox to confirm the reason listed for the user needing this temporary eLMS user account is for mission-critical training that cannot wait until the regular eLMS account is created.  The PL1 signs the form and provides a telephone number and email address.

Once the form has been completed and signed, send it back to the elmssupport@faa.gov to be processed.

Your PL1 has access to this form, but it can also be found at:
https://ksn2.faa.gov/faa/learn/elmsresourcecenter/Content/eLMS Request for temp user account.docx

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