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Login validation errors are most likely caused by a PIV that is not enabled.  Try to log into eLMS without your PIV.  Using IE, navigate to elms.faa.gov and remove the PIV from the reader.  Click on the Login button and enter your MyAccess credentials (FAA email address, the PIN that you created, and one of three security responses that you created).  If you can access eLMS, then the PIV is most likely not enabled.

If you do not have a fully enabled PIV card, go to https://IDMS.faa.gov to register your PIV card. MyAccess is required for several DOT applications, including eLMS, IdeaHub, and CASTLE.

For detailed instructions on the registration process, go to https://auth.smext.faa.gov/dotrso/help/myaccess-login.pdf

If you still have issues with your PIV card, please contact the FAA IT Help desk via:

• Phone: 1-844-FAA-MYIT (322-6948)
• Email: helpdesk@faa.gov

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